Tuesday, April 13, 2010


SO... It's the first blog. Me and my other asian buddy were discussing how wierd and awkward it is to write the first blog... Does anyone agree with us? Anyways.... let me introduce myself and my friend. My name is Gloria:) and my buddy's name is Felicia. We also do this one asian subbing thing together too. Here are some bullet points about us.

-Lives in California
-Plays the piano, and enjoys playing the piano
-Loves doodling
-Plays badminton
-Has a mommy, daddy and a younger brother
-Her younger brother is taller than her. TT.TT
-Is very friendly
-Loves Kimchi!!! <3
-Is learning Spanish and Chinese

-Chinese (but she was born in Singapore)
-Lives in Oregon
-Used to live in California
-Loves making nail art
-Has a mommy, daddy and two younger sisters
-Loves Korean food
-Had her first legit mommy made Korean meal with Gloria
-Is learning Japanese

Thats all for now peoples. :D
Talk to you soon

~Gloria :)

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