Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Urban Decay Book of Shadow III

Guess what?

Urban Decay will be releasing Book of Shadow III! That basically means that I will now have the chance to collect one of these Book of Shadows :) Please just hook me up! I have been drooling over these Urban Decay limited edition Shadow Books but it is just darn expensive on eBay.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gyaru Hair Trend; Two tone & Gradation Gyaru Hair

If i had my way, this whole blog would be all Gyaru related haha. Two toned hair as been around for a while now. Below picture of Ayamo from Zipper would be a typical two toned style back in the days, but a horizontal two tone gyaru hair has been on a rise lately.

I love Ayamo! She has kind of a slouchy yet cute look to her and she is just so different from other Gyarus. It is just refreshing to look at her style.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Free Sample of Smashbox Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss

More freebies for you guys <3
Bring this coupon in to selected JC Penny with Sephora store and get a free sample of Smashbox reflection high shine lip gloss :)

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I'll have up a lot more reviews sometime soon since I've gotten a big haul of cosmetics online @_@

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off Review

I've read a lot of reviews online about this particular mask by Skin Food before and they had all proclaimed it as one of the worst by Skin Food.

True, This may not be one of the best mask from Skin Food, but it certainly isn't the worst either.
Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.

Here's the description;
Food Therapy Special food for the skin to eat. Contains lots of nutritive and energetic ingredients such as fresh plants, fruits and etc. to maintain our bodies healthy and lively.
 I love all of Skin Food's packaging! They are all so cute. I've also forgotten to flip the picture ><
Bottom of the bottle;
Rice not only gives plenty of moisture but also brightens your skin. This gentle rice mask, feeling as real rice lifts off any excess dirt and oil leaving skin smooth and clear. 
 The texture of the mask feels like some sort of gel or lotion. It has some sort of exfoliating beads in it but im not sure if it is actually real rice like they had described. It doesn't smell too bad at first, but after a while, you'll hate it to death! ><

Texture on my skin under ugly bathroom lighting lol. As you can see, it is a really thin layer, nothing too much to help anything. I did find that my skin feels smoother and a tiny bit clearer after the mask though <3

Have you tried Rice Mask Wash Off and would you recommend this to other people?

Free Sample of Wrigley Extra Dessert Delight.

Try some Wrigley Extra Dessert Delight today :)
Free Gum Sample
I love Samples! <3 They allow me to try something so that I can decide if I like it before actually purchasing it xD.. They have three different flavors to choose from, key lime, chocolate chip and Strawberry Shortcake. Don't they all sound so wonderful? I had a super had time choosing which one that I've wanted to sample, but in the end I've picked Strawberry Shortcake!

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So tell me, Which one did you pick?