Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sinful Colors;; See You Soon Swatch/Review

blogged by Felicia.

I've actually seen Sinful Colors in Walgreens quite a few times now. But this little brand of nail polish was actually placed in the corner of the store with the price tag of $1.99. I was really hesitant about buying this brand before, because not many people know of it.

After using it though, I was surprised. This bottle of nail polish which i have gotten it at $1.99 was a STEAL. In my opinion, this random unknown brand is up par with China Glaze and maybe even O.P.I, which you can easily get it at around $7-$14.

Natural light;;

See You Soon is a beautiful color. Its deep shade of sea blue had caught my eyes, which was a love at first sight for me. Under the natural lighting, its a deep teal, with a hit of shimmer. With indoor lighting though, it is more of a darkish, black blue. It has a pretty good staying power as well.

I've actually used this stunning color on one of my nail art project.(which i will post up soon if i get them done)I have actually never liked any shade of blue/green till See You Soon came along. I would highly recommend this color to anyone who likes a nice shade of blue.

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