Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Felicia ;)

Sorry for the late update, but i've been rather busy preparing for ACT this past week, thus there wasnt much post from me. Im back though (;

Originally i was gonna do a gyaru eye makeup tutorial, but i didnt know where to start >_>..
I'll probaly have it up either as picture form on here or as video form sometime soon (:

By the way, heres the swatch for Dark Angel from the post below. This was taken with flash, but as you can see, the color is a tad bit light even after layering it.
Gyaru Makeup tutorial, Yay or Nay?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

CLINIQUE 3 Step Skin Care

Gloria! :)
I use my products for a while before I have my say on them so if I recommend them I really mean it.


I used the Liquid facial soap mild.
I liked it! It didn’t dry out my skin and my face felt clean and fresh after using it.


I got the mild clarifying lotion
This was a pretty nice toner. The thing I like about it was that there was no alcohol in it so it didn’t sting my face when I used it. And since there was no alcohol or fragrances it didn’t dry out my skin either. Since there is no alcohol in this toner you have to shake it before you use it. It also has salicylic acid and glycol (it’s in the ingredients section check for it). The salicylic acid will help get rid of the acne while the glycol will help moisturize the skin.


I got the dramatically different moisturizing gel.
Even though it was a gel it felt extremely light on my face so it was nice and it also felt very natural. It’s oil free so you not have a shiny face. Sometimes I put it on twice because it doesn’t moisturize my face enough. The bad part about his product is that it does not have sunscreen so you need to put sunscreen on top of this when you go outside. For me this product was too light during the winter time so you might need a different product.

Friday, April 23, 2010



So I've been using this astringent for some time and I though it was pretty good so I'm going to write a review for it.

Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent:

I have sensitive skin so this stung and first but it works. This product has salicylic acid which is a very popular acne medicine. It dries out your skins a bit so make sure you use moisturizer after you use this product. I use this product on my problem areas on my face and it takes care of the job in a jiffy. The astringent doesn't really smell good and I suggest not to smell it because it will sting. When you apply this product near your nose breath through our mouth or hold your breath.

If I were to rate this product I would give it a 8 out of 10 because it dries and stings your skin.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rimmel + Soap & Glory.


I've always wanted to get Soap & Glory stuff (SO freaken cute!) , but they aren't that cheap, and I don't have a job at the moment either so it doesn't help... But my chance came a few days ago! Even though I don't really need wrinkle creame, they were on clearance for $3!! I am determined to try this on my mother.

I saw this eyeshadow palette called Dark angel while walking up and down the aisles of Target. The color is beautiful, but i cant seem to get them to pop as much as i've wanted to. I will post the swatches later. Had to get them to try them out ;)

I know im so not pretty -_- don't criticize me. (my pics suck atm, Iphone pic & a sucky camera pic)

Face on, It was my dress down day with unstyled hair. the eyeshadow was alrightt. Next, i wanna try some brighter matte shadow (:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This Season's Must Haves;; Spring Edition.

Blogged by Felicia
Its that time of the year again to take out those flowery patterned dress! After a cold, snowy winter, its time again to bring out your inner girl that you have kept inside.

These are (in my opinion) some of this year's Spring season's Must Haves.
Floral Printed Dress
Who doesn't want a nice flowy sping dress? A Floral printed dress is one of the must haves for this spring. Not only its young and youthful, it brings out the inner girl in you!
* Anthropologie; Wind Catcher Dress[$168]
Valance Tank
I love love love Anthropologie for their unique design pieces. Especially those pieces that has a sort of nature incorporated themes. I have been an avid fan of romanticist style lately. This tank top is decorated with laces and dot trims, thus leaving it a romantic , girly feel to it. This tank is one of those tank tops that you have to wear out on a date. It has a romantic feel to it don't you think?
* Anthropologie;Valance Tank[$68]
Satin Rosy Skirt
Flowery printed skirts in my opinion are one of those article of clothing that i would never wear out after spring. Pair this pencil skirt with a plain top and you are good to go!
* Forever 21;Satin Rosy Skirt[$15.80]

Earth toned Gladiator Sandals
Gladiators Sandals have been in trend alot more lately. It gives off a boho, down to earth chic look in my opinion. Pair these sandals off with a floral dress!!
* Forever 21;Sparta Gladiator Sandals[$15.80]

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sinful Colors;; See You Soon Swatch/Review

blogged by Felicia.

I've actually seen Sinful Colors in Walgreens quite a few times now. But this little brand of nail polish was actually placed in the corner of the store with the price tag of $1.99. I was really hesitant about buying this brand before, because not many people know of it.

After using it though, I was surprised. This bottle of nail polish which i have gotten it at $1.99 was a STEAL. In my opinion, this random unknown brand is up par with China Glaze and maybe even O.P.I, which you can easily get it at around $7-$14.

Natural light;;

See You Soon is a beautiful color. Its deep shade of sea blue had caught my eyes, which was a love at first sight for me. Under the natural lighting, its a deep teal, with a hit of shimmer. With indoor lighting though, it is more of a darkish, black blue. It has a pretty good staying power as well.

I've actually used this stunning color on one of my nail art project.(which i will post up soon if i get them done)I have actually never liked any shade of blue/green till See You Soon came along. I would highly recommend this color to anyone who likes a nice shade of blue.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Etude House;; Color Me Nude Concealer Review.

Etude House Color Me Nude~
Blogged by Felicia ;]

Recently, I've gotten quite a few products from Etude House. I got to say, their products are so cute *_*.. There is only one shade of Color Me Nude and its perfect for any skin tone! The packaging was really really girly, which was the final push for me to get them.

I have been eyeing on Color Me Nude from Etude House for the longest time. It has been my dream to have super pretty nude lips (totally inspired by those japanese magazines i've been reading). Unfortunately though, I was born with a more reddish tone lips, thus products like these are just perfect for me!

Tried them on my lips this morning before school (:

*excuse my ugly lips D:*

Lips after chapstick ~(a little darker in RL tho)

Color Me Nude Concealer~

Plus Lipgloss~

Honestly speaking though, I was rather disappointed with this product. It felt really thick plus the concealer was super drying. It reminded me of a period of my life when i would use my concealer stick to achieve a lighter lip color. In my opinion, this product isn't really necessary. I think Etude House had just taken a stick concealer and repackage it. If you are going to buy this product though, I would recommend slapping on a really thick coat of chap stick before putting on Color Me Nude.

On a brighter side, this product is pretty convenient and easy to use (you just have to apply it on like a lipstick instead of dabbing it on).

* Convenient & Easy to Use.
* Pretty Packaging
* Suitable for any skintone.

* Very drying and thick
* could be achieved with stick concealer as well.

Staying power: 3/5
Quality: 3/5
Packaging: 5/5
Overall: 3/5

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


SO... It's the first blog. Me and my other asian buddy were discussing how wierd and awkward it is to write the first blog... Does anyone agree with us? Anyways.... let me introduce myself and my friend. My name is Gloria:) and my buddy's name is Felicia. We also do this one asian subbing thing together too. Here are some bullet points about us.

-Lives in California
-Plays the piano, and enjoys playing the piano
-Loves doodling
-Plays badminton
-Has a mommy, daddy and a younger brother
-Her younger brother is taller than her. TT.TT
-Is very friendly
-Loves Kimchi!!! <3
-Is learning Spanish and Chinese

-Chinese (but she was born in Singapore)
-Lives in Oregon
-Used to live in California
-Loves making nail art
-Has a mommy, daddy and two younger sisters
-Loves Korean food
-Had her first legit mommy made Korean meal with Gloria
-Is learning Japanese

Thats all for now peoples. :D
Talk to you soon

~Gloria :)