Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sinful Colors Professional Rise and Shine Swatch/Review

HI! Gloria is here with a review! :D

Sooo… I got a nail polish from Sinful Colors Professional from Walgreens because it was $2. I heard lots of great stuff about this product so I bought it but when I used it, I was honestly disappointed. I got the color Rise and Shine. The color really changes with the lighting my pictures underneath will show you what I mean. So for this nail polish you absolutely need a base coat. This nail polish stains your nails! I tried it on the first time without a base and I needed around FIVE coats because it was see through. And when I took it off my nails had this weird light green color left on it for around 2-3 days. :( When I applied the color I thought it was a bit too dull for my taste. That’s why you also need a top coat.

I also had a friend use it and she did a base coat, 2 coats of the Rise and Shine, and then a top coat but it chipped after a day. :(

I was really disappointed. Maybe it was just the color I picked? I’m not sure.

Color wise I would rate it a 5/10

Quality wise I give it a 3/10

Overall 4/10

So this product is a really big EH for me.... What do you think?


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nail Updates

Hime Gyaru style this time (:
This is actually one of the few sets that i've done for myself. I am pretty proud of myself due to the fact that I've completed this in one sitting. It took me about an approx. 2 hours. I don't have 1.5mm or 2mm clear Swarovski crystals which means i had to resort to my plastic acrylics ones. You can totally tell the difference in quality. I wore these to school yesterday and quite a number of people asked if it was heavy. 

I am thinking of selling some of my nail art works online, but what do you guys think about it?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Simple Gyaru's Makeup tutorial

Hello Lovelies (:

I've been working on this makeup tutorial for a while now, and now its finally done. Originally, I've wanted to make a video tutorial and upload to Youtube. I've actually tried recording it with my camera, but it was a total failure. I think for now, im just gonna make these as picture tutorials. Gloria edited those pictures into video. It's pretty much the same thing as the pictures but in a video format. It had took me quite a while to edit all those pictures. Please bare with me?

This is a really simple makeup for the Gals out there~~ It really only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to do which is perfect for those who are in a rush to get out of the house, school..etc.

Oh here's the link to the video:

Comments will be appreciated and please follow our blog and our youtube channel if you liked them!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Aussie ;; 3 Minute Miracle [deeeeeeep conditioner]

Felicia! ;)

I just got this super super awesome product a few days ago and i just HAD to get online and share this products with everyone (:

I really got to say though. This is one of the best deep conditioners out there. And believe me when i say that, considering i've been in search for a deep conditioner that really works. This product was a mere $3 in Wal-greens!!! I was trying to decide between 3 minute miracle or Neutrogena's Triple moisture deep conditioner, but im glad i've made the choice of Aussie's conditioner.

I have really damaging long hair due to the fact that i use heat products rather often. Hair extensions pretty much screwed my hair over as well. My hair is in a really pathetic state for a hair dyeing virgin. I was rather skeptical about this conditioner at first, but it really did made my hair super super soft and less tangled. It had immediate result. You can pretty much feel the difference in the first wash. Its the first time since in ages that my hair had felt the way it did after washing the first wash. I loved the packaging as well. All you really have to do is to squeeze the bottle and the conditioner just comes right out at the bottom. From what i can tell from the bottle, you can use the conditioner to the last bits.

The only thing that i can think of that might make a person hesitate on buying the product would probably the smell of it. The conditioner has a "pina colada" smell to it. Kinda coconut-ty but i loved it (:.

A word of warning though, its best to concentrate the conditioner on the tips instead of roots. You might just get oily hair the next day instead.


* super super super cheap. ($3)
* works very well, result can be seen after the first wash.
*Super clever packaging. You can get you money's worth

* The "pina colada" smell might throw someone off.

Smell: 4/5
Quality: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
Overall: 4.7/5