Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Etude House;; Color Me Nude Concealer Review.

Etude House Color Me Nude~
Blogged by Felicia ;]

Recently, I've gotten quite a few products from Etude House. I got to say, their products are so cute *_*.. There is only one shade of Color Me Nude and its perfect for any skin tone! The packaging was really really girly, which was the final push for me to get them.

I have been eyeing on Color Me Nude from Etude House for the longest time. It has been my dream to have super pretty nude lips (totally inspired by those japanese magazines i've been reading). Unfortunately though, I was born with a more reddish tone lips, thus products like these are just perfect for me!

Tried them on my lips this morning before school (:

*excuse my ugly lips D:*

Lips after chapstick ~(a little darker in RL tho)

Color Me Nude Concealer~

Plus Lipgloss~

Honestly speaking though, I was rather disappointed with this product. It felt really thick plus the concealer was super drying. It reminded me of a period of my life when i would use my concealer stick to achieve a lighter lip color. In my opinion, this product isn't really necessary. I think Etude House had just taken a stick concealer and repackage it. If you are going to buy this product though, I would recommend slapping on a really thick coat of chap stick before putting on Color Me Nude.

On a brighter side, this product is pretty convenient and easy to use (you just have to apply it on like a lipstick instead of dabbing it on).

* Convenient & Easy to Use.
* Pretty Packaging
* Suitable for any skintone.

* Very drying and thick
* could be achieved with stick concealer as well.

Staying power: 3/5
Quality: 3/5
Packaging: 5/5
Overall: 3/5

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