Friday, June 25, 2010

Nail Tutorial Preview

Brace tight for a Nail Tutorial by yours truly~

+ another circle lens review ;)


Friday, June 11, 2010


Hello Lovelies! :)

This is Gloria! So my buddy, Felicia, and I were discussing ideas for our blog and we decided that it would be a good idea for you guys to contribute with your ideas. I mean, you guys are reading this. So post a comment on the left side in our comment box with your ideas!

Thank you for to all of our followers because it's nice to know people actually read what we write. :D Oh and if you are wondering why we sometimes have random time gaps of no writing, it's because we are both busy students and we are trying to operate this blog. We study hard, work hard and play hard and are very curious! ^.^ We spend tons of time trying to keep this blog in the best way we can so please enjoy!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Circle Lens Reviews

My lens finally arrived this past week and im excited to get all the reviews up (:

I got this two lens from Mukuchu. They were super friendly and the shipping is super fast. Its pretty cheap as well.

EOS Super Nudy Grey Review

Comparison in natural light
  Bathroom Lighting
 Indoor lighting (by the window)
Indoor Lighting

Enlargement 9/10
The enlargement was nice, but for some reason,they didn't look as big as my EOS Pure Ring Grey (which is 14.2).
Color/Design: 8/10
Its pretty speckly~ I have not much problems with specklys though. when it is in the bottle, its a nice light grey. I totally did not expect it to have a blue-ish/gray-ish hue to it from a distance.

 Its a pretty color to be having though. 
Comfort: 9/10
They are pretty comfortable actually~ When I first wore these lens, it kinda felt funny for a while(on my left eye), but i have no problems with it after that. It might just be that I did not soak them with contacts solution before putting them on though. 

Overall: 9/10
I did not expect a blue-ish/greyish hue on a Super Nudy Gray lens. It is a nice surprise though, considering I never had such a unique gray lens before.

EOS Pure Ring Gray Review
Comparison in natural light
 Bathroom Lighting
  Indoor lighting (by the window)
 Indoor Lighting
Enlargement 10/10
The enlargement looked more like a 14.5mm instead of a 14.2mm. Really good enlargement
Color/Design: 10/10
I love love this design. Its a pretty natural gray and it blended really well with the black ring. It also kinda reminded me of g&g's burn pink lens which i have sitting around at home.
Comfort: 9/10
I had the same problem with my left eye when putting these on. It might also just be the fact that my eyes aren't really the same size with the base curve.(I still wear lens despite the problem.) Other than that, you can't really feel them after the initial wear.
Overall: 9.5/10
These lens have to be one of my favorite pairs that I do own right now. It has a really nice gray inside the ring and its not over-ly unnatural.

Get them at MukuChu (: