Friday, July 16, 2010

Japanese Magazine Summer Trend 2010

Hello lovelies,

Well, we’re not sure if you guys know, but we are huge fans of Japanese fashion. We couldn’t resist blogging about some summer trend that is going on in Japan ;)
This is kind of crazy but these trends have been circulating many of the summer issues. So let’s get to it shall we?

And what's hott?

1. Long Ethnic dresses

Feli: Yes, Ethnic dresses are in! They have been a trend for a while now, but these are great for summer! I'd imagine them being cooling yet fashionable ;) You can totally pair these dresses with some ethnic prints for your nails are you are good to go.

Glori: Ethnic dresses are so easy to pull off too! It's perfect for summers because when it is a hot day, most people don't want to go outside in a bunch of layers... at least I would think so. x) When it gets colder in the evenings, you can wear a cardigan and make it something you can wear in warm and cool temperatures.

2. Yukatas

F: I've seen Yukatas in quite a few magazines this summer. (Jelly, Popteen..etc). Looking cute while wearing traditional clothes! They do look cute and all, but I really doubt that anyone would be wearing these out unless they are staying in Japan.
G: My friend went to Japan to study at Tokyo University and he actually saw girls wearing this. Hahaha.

3. Denim

F: Surprise surprise! Denims are back in trend. Be it a denim vest, shirt, jeans, overalls, jackets, haul them all in! These are partly going for more of the country direction gyarus, but they are totally cute for summer.
G: I love the denim style! It's super easy, cute, and comfy to wear every day. There are so many different ways to style a white tee if you have different denim cloth articles.

4. Scarf Ribbons
F: I'm not a big fan of love berry, but these are the only one I can find at the moment. Many Japanese fashion followers should already know this by now. Scarf Ribbons! They are pretty much ribbons made out of scarfs and wearing them as a headband. This is one of the trends of the year that is still going strong. Really popular trend at the moment and it’s not that hard to make them. Maybe I’ll have a tutorial up?
G: I think you have to be really careful when trying to pull off this look. If you do it wrong you can look really cheap. Not good. LOL

5. Straw Hats

F: Straw hats! They are pretty much an essential during summer. It goes under country gyarus as well. Straw Hats is also another hot trend for the summer. It looks great paired along with any denim articles.
G: I love straw hats. They are a MUST HAVE thing for me. You can never go wrong with them, so invest in a really nice one. Not only will it last you a lifetime, it almost always in style! Just make sure you buy the right kind because you might look really country girl-ish.

And so, which trend is your favorite for the summer?


petitechouxx said...

my favorite trends are straw hats and denim. ^^

Randomasiangirls said...

they are indeed cute! I can never really pull off demin vest or jackets much though!