Friday, July 23, 2010

EOS New Adult Blue & Candy Pink Circle Lens review

I've recently bought two adorable American Eskimo puppies and they had been keeping me so so busy! Just like two babies! They are so adorable but really playful most of the times. I really hate it when they roughhouse and i just can't keep up with them!
I really want to post pictures of my puppies up, but its not that relevant to this blog.

So, I've recieved three pairs of lens from MukuChu like almost 2 weeks ago and I apologize for this super late review of them. I have another pair of green lens from GEO that i'll have to review.

So lets get going shall we?

EOS New Adult Blue Review
Diameter: 14.2

Comparison w/ natural lighting (artifical)

Outdoor lighting

Indoor lighting

Natural ring lighting (artifical)

Enlargement 9/10
Lovely enlargement. Its like not too small and not too blue ya know?
Color/Design: 9/10
Gorgeous color~ You can really tell how beautiful the color is from the pictures.  Its vibrant and yet at the same time, it has a deep blue sea color. Love the design, but compared to the violet, this will be more natural.
Comfort: 8/10
I don't really see much of blue flashes when i move my eyeballs around. It feels a little better than the violet one.
Overall: 8/10
Beautiful! Love the design and if i were to pick between Blue or the Violet, I will totally choose the blue lens in a heartbeat.  Someone told me that the violet lens kind of makes me look a tiny bit yellow because im asian. But idk.

EOS Candy Pink Lens Review
Diameter: 14.5
Comparison w/ Natural lighting

Outdoor lighting

Indoor lighting
Bathroom Lighting
Natural ring lighting (artifical)

Enlargement 9/10
Pretty nice enlargement! It doesn't look as big as my Super Nudy from EOS even though they are the same diameter.
Color/Design: 6/10
Reminds me of Japanese adult series kinda. Not a really big fan of the design and i feel like it makes me look like a blind person from far! I really like the thick ring around it though!
Comfort: 8/10
Good comfort! Its actually one of the best I've own for comfort wise.
Overall: 6/10
Meh, Design is a really big issue for me. It looks kind of pretty closeup, but not that much when you are at a distance.

Get these at MukuChu for $22 USD each! <3

Awesome and fast shipping ;)

These are just purely my own opinion, but please do tell me! Out of these two lens, which one is your favorite? :)


Anonymous said...

they're J-203 Blue New Adult Series! =)

Felicia said...

yeap it was totally my bad! ahha
Thank you though (: