Saturday, July 3, 2010

EOS Dolly Lens & EOS King Brown Reviews

Im back for more reviews ;)

I've been super busy for the past week doing commissions for my nails thus did not have time to post up this review. Got these lens from Mukuchu! Shipping was as usual, really really fast and they are super friendly! I love doing business with them (:

EOS Dolly Violet Lens Review

 Comparison in bathroom lighting
Indoor lighting
Indoor lighting (by the window)

Enlargement 7/10 
There isn't that big of an enlargement for me. They seem a little big smaller than 14.2mm.
Color/Design: 9/10

I love the color! Its the most vibrant pairs of lens I own at the moment. It is really good for people who likes unnatural lens or lens just for cosplay but still do have some enlarging effects. I totally reccomend it for people who have dark iris because it really do pop. I'm kind of iffy about the design though.
Comfort: 7/10
I swear i can see purple whenever i move my eyes around for about 10 minutes after wearing them. Kind of weird since non of my other lens have the same problem

Overall: 7/10
Kinda iffy about the comfort and the design, but I LOVE the vibrant colors. Not recommended for people who likes lens that are more natural.

EOS King Brown Lens Review
Comparison (in bathroom lighting)

Indoor lighting
Indoor lighting (by the window)
Bathroom lighting (with flash)
Enlargement 9/10 
Nice enlargement!

Color/Design: 9/10

The color is pretty natural, you can't really see it much from far. I really like the design for this though. Plus the big black ring around it! It gives off a dolly anime eyes when it is worn. It has a glassy look to it as well :3

Comfort: 9/10
Very comfortable when wearing it. You can only feel the lens when you first put in.

Overall: 9/10
I love this lens! I will totally recommend this to anyone who are looking for a nice brown with a pretty good enlargement. I really like the glassy look when worn too~

Get them at MUKUCHU <3

//edit// All Lenses at the moment are $22 USD/$27 AUD and its buy 3 get one free!! Go get it while it's on sale

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