Monday, July 26, 2010

GEO AngelWorld Series Green Review

Here's another lens that i've promised to write a review about!
As usual, these are from MukuChu~
I would really not wait to get some lens from them since they are still having a sale for buying 3 pairs and get the 4th pair free~. Plus they are all $22USD/$27AUD each and they speaks almost ALL languages! Freaking amazing if you ask me lol.

Shall we check them out?

GEO Angel World Series Review
 Diameter; 14.0
Natural ring lighting (artificial)
Indoor lighting
 Bathroom Lighting
Outdoor lighting

Enlargement 4/10
There's really no enlargement at all! At least for me since I have a pretty big iris it doesn't really enlarge. It might enlarge for someone else though!
Color/Design: 10/10
Haha when I was first trying to open the bottle, I really pretty much freaked wondering if they would show up on my super dark eyes. The pigments look really light, which made me come up with the conclusion that it will not show on my eyes, but it did! It made me look kind of Eurasian mix in some ways too. I've always be kinda hesitant and really just simply avoid green contacts, but this pair had totally opened my eyes about green lens. lol Its really natural, and it makes me look kinda like thats just my natural color! love it.
Comfort: 9/10
Pretty comfortable, I don't really have much complains about this~
Overall: 8/10
Love love the colour. Its shows up on dark irises but it looks natural at the same time. The only problem i had with these were the enlargements. 

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