Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sinful Colors Professional Rise and Shine Swatch/Review

HI! Gloria is here with a review! :D

Sooo… I got a nail polish from Sinful Colors Professional from Walgreens because it was $2. I heard lots of great stuff about this product so I bought it but when I used it, I was honestly disappointed. I got the color Rise and Shine. The color really changes with the lighting my pictures underneath will show you what I mean. So for this nail polish you absolutely need a base coat. This nail polish stains your nails! I tried it on the first time without a base and I needed around FIVE coats because it was see through. And when I took it off my nails had this weird light green color left on it for around 2-3 days. :( When I applied the color I thought it was a bit too dull for my taste. That’s why you also need a top coat.

I also had a friend use it and she did a base coat, 2 coats of the Rise and Shine, and then a top coat but it chipped after a day. :(

I was really disappointed. Maybe it was just the color I picked? I’m not sure.

Color wise I would rate it a 5/10

Quality wise I give it a 3/10

Overall 4/10

So this product is a really big EH for me.... What do you think?


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