Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nail Updates

Hime Gyaru style this time (:
This is actually one of the few sets that i've done for myself. I am pretty proud of myself due to the fact that I've completed this in one sitting. It took me about an approx. 2 hours. I don't have 1.5mm or 2mm clear Swarovski crystals which means i had to resort to my plastic acrylics ones. You can totally tell the difference in quality. I wore these to school yesterday and quite a number of people asked if it was heavy. 

I am thinking of selling some of my nail art works online, but what do you guys think about it?

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Limeli said...

I totally can recommend you to sell these nails !! I mean, wow. This nails are just adorable and many many girls here who knows about japanese nail-trends and who want the same nail art never could do it that much pretty like this.

I think you could try to sell them if you havent doing it already.

Good work !!!!!

If I wouldn't work in a restaurant I would love to wear these kind of nail arts !!