Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crepes, my love T_T

Today my sister and I went down to 23rd Avenue to just shop and around and visit one of the crepes store we've past by a while ago. I thought i saw rainbows and unicorns haha.

Our look of the day! (:
Can't really see mine, but i do love my fringed boots! It is probably one of the best buys from Canada.

Look at those freaking display sets. Don't they look super delicious or what?! I just wanna eat them all lol! After standing at the cashier counter for 5 minutes, I finally got Love via crepes. It was honestly like heaven haha.

Mineee! Its hella yummy

Really bad quality! :/ The lighting sucks in the store, plus my iphone couldn't handle it!
Wth, look. The stamp card looks so freaking cute as well (>0<"). I love pink!  Its the address for the Crepes store underneath if y'all ever wanna visit.

Last picture! I'm such a cam-whore.
It's a super clear picture of my new lenses! Its super gorgeous and I love them a lot *_*.. 

Till next time love~


emily&rosa said...

I love fringed boots but I don't wear them often..I always look like an indian or a cowboy wearing them...I like urs tho!

eeunssun said...

the crepes look really good~ :3
wish chicago had places like that >_<

Frizouy said...

X3 its gives desire of eaten an ice caramel xD lol given to me an ice please lol i joke nice all pic