Saturday, February 26, 2011

Liz lisa Spring Collection 2011

Blogged by Felicia

Liz Lisa's Spring Collection is out! Its been out since forever lol, but I just finally got around to it.  I honestly think that Liz Lisa's style is just geared towards frilly,grily, romantic look, which really just shouts SPRING to me. I love Liz Lisa to death. If only its super affordable to me lol.

Speaking of which, I wore my One*way Poncho out to Portland last weekend! I actually wanted to buy the floral ponchos from Liz Lisa's Autumn/Winter collection, but it was just.. sold out.

 I did not want to pre-order them since that was in Canada, so I just got the One*Way Poncho instead.

Anyways on to the Spring collection pictures!

Here's Liz Lisa's 2011 Spring Collection in Tokyo~!

Ladies- Love it? Hate it? I actually do love this collection!

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