Monday, September 20, 2010

Book Bags

Hello lovelies!

It's been a bit since the last post. We've been quite busy due to many summer activities.... Well I hope the summer has been a blast for you guys. Summer in California has been super weird. It felt more like fall than summer and then all of a sudden we had a random burst of blazing heat for two days. >.< Anyways…. Since school has starting up I thought I might write a little something about book bags. I’ll mention some of the goodies as well as the nasties about the 3 most popular kinds or book bags. Shall we see?

Backpacks (The original of all book bags)

~ They provide a lot of space

If you have lots to carry, backpacks are the type of book bag for you, unless you have a super huge tote…. I mean if you have to carry a laptop, textbooks, binders, notebooks, a pencil case with all the G2 color pens and random pencils you thought were cute, a wallet, a makeup set, water bottles, a cell phone, snacks, leisure books, key and more, just stick with a backpack. You might as well do a favor for your shoulder.

~They’re mostly water proof

Even if you don’t have an umbrella and you have to walk to school and it happens to be a day when it just started to rain randomly, it will be okay! Your big essay will not have its ink smeared off of the paper. You’re backpack shall do all the protection you need.

~ They’re not cute

You really can’t bring a huge backpack to the mall to go shopping. They store owners will probably think you’re there to steal something and it would probably make you look really nerdy or fashionably disabled. So leave the backpack for only academic related events.

If you want the Women's Recon, here is the Northface link:

I highly recommend this backpack. It's really big and comfy to carry around. Northface did a very nice job with the padding for the back and the shoulders. The only bad thing about this backpack is that it’s pretty expensive….

Totes (The cute/fashionable book bag)

~ The bag for everything

You can carry them everywhere without making yourself look funny. You can also match them with your outfits to help accessorize your look.

~ Lots of styles

They have tons of different styles and colors especially since people also use them to go out to places. Most brands will carry at least a couple designs in different colors for each tote bag.

~ Have a tendency to be smaller

Unless you have the biggest tote bag ever it will be extremely difficult to fit in lots of stuff without making your bag overflow. And even if you were able to fit all that stuff in your bag your shoulders and body will be complaining to you for a while.

If you want to buy the tote bag up there, here's the link:
It's pretty cheap so it won't hurt your wallet too much!

Messenger Bags/Shoulder Bags (The half-way point between a tote and a backpack)

~Extra Organization Help

Most of the more expensive messenger / shoulder bags have extra pockets and spaces to help organize your bag. So for all you messy girls who like totes, this might be your best choice!

~ Studier than totes

They are, most of the time, made out of more durable material than tote bags. Many of the tote bags are made out of clothe so this shouldn’t have as much wear and tear problems.

~Confuzzled bag

Since it’s the middle step between a tote and a backpack it won’t be cute or extremely roomy…

If you would like to buy this messenger bag here is the link:
This is one of the more expensive ones but it's just an example of a messenger bag.
There are definitely more types of book bags but that I knew of these were the three most popular. So what kind of book bag are you use this year?

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