Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gyaru Hair Trend; Two tone & Gradation Gyaru Hair

If i had my way, this whole blog would be all Gyaru related haha. Two toned hair as been around for a while now. Below picture of Ayamo from Zipper would be a typical two toned style back in the days, but a horizontal two tone gyaru hair has been on a rise lately.

I love Ayamo! She has kind of a slouchy yet cute look to her and she is just so different from other Gyarus. It is just refreshing to look at her style.

Gradations is another popular style for two toned hair. It is pretty much what Gradation means, a color fading down gradually to another. Personally speaking though, I do not really like much of Gradations. It really looks like to me, old roots growing out  and we don't want that do we?

At least we did not want it until now.

Mori Maya sporting a natural look with gradations.

Kanako Kosaka with a horizontal blunt two-toned dye.
I think this looks good on her don't you think?

It is all about the contrast between two color. In my opinion, It will be hard to pull this look off.
Love it? Hate it? Comment!

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miemiemie said...

yes, it looks too pink in the pan but its really pretty on the skin :)

emily&rosa said...

I think Kanako Kosaka has amazing hair..i love the color..ugh i wish i could pull it off but i don't know if i would do it on my hair lol~